Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why does Appetite For Destruction kick so much ass?

Here are ten reasons why Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction kicks a great deal of ass.

1) tight, tight, tight arrangements
2) Axl Rose at his best
3) Slash is brilliant throughout.
4) unabashed lyrics about drugs and sex
5) The guitar arranging/production is on-par with that of Malcolm and Angus Young on Back In Black, which is BRILLIANT stuff. The placement in the stereo field and the contrasting tones? My gosh. I'm not sure this kind of guitar playing happens anymore.
6) The sequence of tracks is near perfect.
7) This album has "Welcome To the Jungle," "Mr.Brownstone," "Paradise City," AND "Sweet Child O'Mine"! Seriously?!
8) The other tracks are varying levels of great, too. "You're Crazy" is a standout.
9) "Mr. Brownstone" is a masterpiece. It will be getting an entry of its own.
10) I have a guitar tuned down a half-step just so I can play along with this album.

I welcome your input. But seriously. What an album.

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  1. Oh, Rob. No special mention of Rocket Queen? That's possibly the most musical song on the album. But yes, the entire album is amazing, especially noting it as their debut album.

    I remember getting this from RCA's record club when I was 10 and thinking I was a bad ass for getting it and that my parents had NO CLUE as to what it was.

    Thanks for reminding me I need another copy for the 21st Century!

    "I'll have the mussels." "Are they from Brussels?"