Saturday, February 4, 2017

Light Sweater Recommended

When I have a Phil Collins cover band it will be called "Light Sweater Recommended" and we'll play this unsung jam (it follows "In the Air Tonight" on the Face Value album--bummer for this song).

Important notes:

-This is Alphonso Johnson playing bass, thus explaining the generally badass nature of the bass playing.

-I count the chorus as 4/4 5/4, then 3/4 5/4. That 5 is more of a 4+1. In the 4/4 measure the melody enters on beat two, then on beat 1 every other time (3/4 measures). It's interesting how these moves work in a ballad/semi-reggae context.

-This album is great and all you Phil haters can suck it. Except for the Beatles cover. That one is pretty terrible.

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