Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"Two Tickets To Paradise": But what is the key? Dare to look within.

I know what you're thinking. This song is in A. And I understand. Certainly the verses seem to pound a flat VII to I sort of deal. And yes the melody. Ah yes. It truly outlines the C#. And the A.


Where are the transcriptions, you may ask? I am much too lazy for that. And if you're reading this, you can probably hear what I'm talking about.

And the persistent A majorish pentatonic-ness of the guitar solo? Yes. Of course.

Notice how I resisted saying "A-ness" just now. I am maturing slowly.

BUT. What about the (sorry excuse for a) chorus?

Do that four times and that's the chorus. With slightly different words.

So here's the thing. I'm not the type to say that things "change keys" unless I really need to. But this is tough. The chorus of this tune sure sounds like D to me, even after all of that A-ness.

Yes, I said it anyway.

The way the melody descends from G to D is one part of it. And the D chord is on beat one of the chorus--this would be an odd emphasis for the IV chord.

The melody lands on an E at the end of the chorus. Which is a better resolution, purely in terms of melody: the E as the fifth of the I chord or as the "re," part of the V chord and unresolved?

Well. Both pretty shitty. But I still hear this song, the chorus, at least, in D. And the verses are an extended, dominant upbeat? Maybe??

Listen! Listen to it! Try not to hear the D chord as the tonic during the chorus! This is not a good song! You must look within!

It's ok if you don't. Sometimes I sure do wish I could listen to music like this person I found online:

It's funny, 'cause I thought this song was about fucking. Any day of your life.

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