Monday, September 2, 2013

The iPhone marimba ringtone and the Dance Test

I heard the iPhone default ringtone today. I wondered if I could find a transcription online, and I found this article and this transcription:
I'm not so sure, and I don't just mean the iffy notation of the second line. I have already started an informal survey. Please let me know if you disagree, but I hear the following, and I can't imagine being convinced otherwise:
When you hear it continuously without much of a pause it works well in 4 (just put those 16ths into the first full measure). With a bit more of a pause you could write it in 3, but I still prefer 4/4 with a measure of 2-ish (it seems to depend on settings).

I hear the first two notes as pickups, and in my mind it's in a sort of half-time. I've found quite a few videos from people that clearly disagree, including this cutesy nightmare (which...I won't get started on how annoying I think this is). But really? Hearing those first two notes as pickups seems far more convincing, which brings me to the dance test:

Ok, maybe that wasn't helpful. But doesn't this version (somewhat slower with simple drums) sound better?

I'm going to sit back and wait to find out how wrong I am.


  1. I like when she smashed the glass. But what's with that spongebob bowl? They don't even use it. Ugh

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