Thursday, September 12, 2013

Old Mother Hutty

I got this rhyme from my father. If you say it quickly and mess up you might say a naughty word.

Old Mother Hutty had a cutty putty hunt.
Not a hunt punt cutty,
But a cutty putty hunt.

If you trust Urban Dictionary (ha HA!), "cutty" means something synonymous with the dirty word.

I've found other versions, usually involving boats:

Old Mr. Hunt
had a cuddy punt
Not a cuddy punt
but a hunt punt cuddy.

But I like my Dad's version. He said it sorta like this:

And my brother did it this way:

Which is the point: get drunk and say this as fast as you can until someone accidentally says c***, then laugh and drink some more.

But something I noticed recently is that this sounds a lot like a snare drum marching cadence (audio here):

I haven't found much online. I can't prove there's a relationship here. But it's interesting.


  1. I wish you could've seen Susanne's face when I played this across the table. I haven't seen her laugh like that, welp, ever.

  2. This was an enjoyable read. It made me think of this limerick:

    A young engine driver named Hunt
    Who was given an engine to shunt
    Saw a run away truck
    And by yelling out duck
    Saved the life of the fellow in front.