Sunday, February 10, 2013

Channel 2 yeah count on us.

So now that we've mostly dug out from the storm with the worst name since Hurricane Bambi, we can organize an ensemble to play the Storm Center music. (editor's note: I'm talking about 2013's "Nemo.") Perhaps you saw my post on Facebook already--the short story is that if you grew up in Maine, this music meant it was time to keep your eyes glued to your local NBC affiliate (Channel 2 in Bangor, Channel 6 in Portland, and early in the morning it was often the Portland crew on both) and wait for your school district to scroll by on the bottom (Come on MSAD 67! COME ON, KEVIN MANNIX!).


Quick point: if the "snow is snowing," why isn't the wind winding? Snow doesn't snow. It falls.

Anyway. I made this transcription from the video and from memory. It's not bad. I think the actual music might have live cellos and synth strings along with sequenced drums and maybe acoustic piano. Not sure. All of it has some rather icky reverb.

Stawm Centah, bub. Cellos and shit. Celli, 'n' whatnot. Ain't no friggin' way them busses is gettin' up the Transalpine today.

Technically I should have put some decrescendos in and a poco rit, but close enough.

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