Saturday, March 10, 2012

She's Gone: a clarification

I need to make a correction and a clarification to my post concerning the lack of a tonic triad in "She's Gone." While it's true there are no authentic cadences, and there are no root position tonic triads, the second chord of the verse is a first inversion I chord (I6, or "E/G#" before the modulation), a passing chord from IV to ii. The same bass motion in "I'm Just a Kid" uses IV, iii, and ii.

I'd also like to mention that the "V sussy" sound is more accurately described as an A chord with a B in the bass ("A/B"). This is a sus7 type sound, yes, but its voicing and (non)resolution (the A triad moves up to a B triad in parallel motion) make the "A over B" label much more descriptive and accurate. And it's easy to play on the guitar.

And I just learned that "I'm Just a Kid" was the B-side for "She's Gone." I am pleased by this.


  1. "It's easy to play on guitar," is reminiscent of Peter's reasoning for ficta choices.

  2. Daryl lives in Kittery - just go ask him.

    1. If I ever run into Daryl Hall while I'm out and about I really don't know what I'll do. I need a contingency plan, one that includes some means of obtaining a fan-boy photograph so that I might make my sister totally envious.