Saturday, January 12, 2013

More "Dreams," more chords

I never do this. In fact I'm very skeptical of reharmonization: taking a song with perfectly good chords and adding new, super friggin' clever chords. "Reharm"--to harm again. To ruin a perfectly good tune.

But. I did it. And I did it because it's easy enough for me to say hey, look at "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac! She just sings A minor lick after A minor lick but there are no A minor chords to speak of! Woo hoo clever! I figured it would be a little more helpful to actually give this melody some A minor harmony.

In an effort to thoroughly beat this point to death I've taken the original melody of "Dreams" and given it a bunch of new chords, chords that travel through A minor and C major. And it was so easy to write. Because the tune told me everything I needed to know. It's a great melody; this is just one way to add very different harmony. It really changes the way some of the phrases work, but besides that the song is still there. It's melody driven.

Just one more disclaimer: I mean NO disrespect by doing this. I just want to show how clear the key of A minor really is. And I actually like my version ok. Looking at it again I notice the E/G sharp moment. I'm sticking with it--the right vocalist could pull it off.


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