Saturday, December 29, 2012

Some folks just don't have the knack, or "My Sha-wronga"

There was some noisy snow removal outside my place early this morning, but I fell back to sleep, and at least there was something useful going on. It reminded me of my favorite noisy neighbor moment ever. It happened about 12 years ago in Brighton, MA. One night my usually quiet upstairs neighbor decided to either give or get a bass lesson (not sure which). The song? The Knack's "My Sharona."

"My Sharona"

What started as the worst thing to wake up to at 3AM became the funniest, most delirious thing. My girlfriend and I were muffling our laughter every time they got to measure 4 just so they would keep going.

About the third time we heard those B naturals we were gasping for breath. It's interesting because there are plenty of ways to mis-hear this (the bass line going to B flat under the guitar's C can make you remember the guitar part incorrectly, for example--I never noticed that until today). But a B natural instead of flat? Wow. And yes. Those are argyle socks.

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