Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rob Gerry Comes Alive!


I used to own a tiny Casio keyboard. I lived in a tiny house, so I often used headphones. I realized that if I detached one of the earpieces I could put it inside my mouth, creating lots of really fun sounds. This was long before I knew anything about talk boxes, vocoders, etc.

Which brings me to today. The Monotron analog synth is extremely fun to mess around with, and is pretty educational to a synth novice like me. I've been experimenting with different settings, using my mouth as a resonant filter, of sorts, and practicing some Frampton licks. And I thought I was going to have an unproductive day.

In my own defense...his words aren't much clearer than mine. On Frampton Comes Alive! he sings "Do you feel like I do" about a thousand times up to that point. Ok, only eight times. And then "like WE do" four times. "Do you fee-oh...lie guh doo?" And the crowd goes wild.

And as a quick side note...I feel really dumb for never noticing how dorian (if I may use that as an adjective) his minor 7 vamp soloing is.


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  1. one of my favorite Roger videos: