Monday, January 23, 2012

Do you think Sting calls it a "plectrum"?

Anyone else ever notice all the muted notes that Sting plays during the verses of "Roxanne"? Those percussive plucka plucka eighth notes played with a pick? (Curiously, he's playing with his fingers in this video.)


This sort of thing usually bothers me, because it's usually a time keeping crutch for guitarists that can't count (like the strum [chicka] strum guitar parts of the 90s). This song has the added bonus of ugly flanger on the guitar.

Lightning Crashes

I'll give Sting a pass. These "dead notes" seem to have intent, far more intent than the sloppy "lift your left hand off the strings and chucka chucka" guitar playing that permeated "alternative rock." And I feel like dissing Live. They were (are?) awful.

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