Tuesday, November 29, 2011

bwow bwow bwow; bwow bwa bwow bwow

I can't think of a better use of envelope filter on bass in the context of a pop song than in The Cardigans "Lovefool." I'd post a YouTube link but the audio quality doesn't do it justice. It's great for the following reasons:

-It's a great, simple line that features notes of different lengths, highlighting the filter in different ways.
-The filter is only used during the chorus and ending vamp.
-The effect is relatively subtle--the resonance of the filter isn't too much, and the slow filter speed creates a warm "bwow" instead of the more typical "bowp." You know, the Bootsy sound.
-I hear what could be a dual filter thing happening: down for the attack and a slight upward sweep afterward.
-The bass is mixed in a clever way: I think that the left channel is mostly dry signal; the right is mostly wet. The brightness of the filtered attack is therefore mostly to the right, the full-bodied dry signal is left. It's really effective.
-It's idiomatically "correct" considering the song's disco inflections.

Anyone hear this differently? Anyone know what effect(s) are being used?

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